AMECS Ocean-Going Vessel At-Berth Emissions Control System Wins CARB Approval/Executive Order

Long Beach, CA – The Advanced Maritime Emission Control System(AMECS) team is pleased to announce that it has received its Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board Certifying AMECS as an approved “Alternative Technology” to Shore Power under the At-Berth Regulation. 


The Advanced Maritime Emission Control System (AMECS) has received formal final approval for its Ocean-Going Emissions Control System from the California Air Resources Board.  This means that fleets at California ports can now use the AMECS system towards compliance with the “At-Berth” regulation.

The AMECS system is designed to have maximum flexibility to process emissions from a wide variety of vessel sizes and types – without requiring any ship modifications.

AMECS patented system can be rapidly deployed and is the only system that provides emissions control for ships with a maximum engine MCR of 2,700 kW, operating range of 500kW-1,700kW and 6500scfm of engine exhaust.  AMECS is also the only system capable of handling emissions from ships using two auxiliary generators.


AMECS’ extensive testing on 50+ vessels, ability to handle multiple auxiliary engines, ability to operate without vessel modification and ever-increasing capture efficiencies should provide confidence to fleets needing to achieve compliance.

Ruben Garcia, President and CEO, said: “The AMECS technology is where it is today because of the years of work we put in and over 1500 hours of verifiable testing.  The fleets can feel comfortable knowing that AMECS has been extensively field-tested and uses patented state-of-the-art technology that has proven itself over time.”

The AMECS team wishes to thank the EPA, SCAQMD, CARB and the USCG as well as the City of Long Beach for their continued support.

[1] CE 90% one engine, 80% two engines, EO/NOx:90%